Human rights are violated when viewed in ‘political hue’: PM

Human rights are violated when viewed in 'political hue': PM

New Delhi, Oct 12: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asserted that human rights are grossly violated when it is viewed through “political lens” giving it political colour that tends to be harmful for any democracy.

“In recent years, some people have started interpreting human rights in their own way, looking at their own interests. They try to dent image of our country in the name of human rights.

“While they see human rights violation in one incident they do not see violation in another. This kind of mentality causes damage to human rights,” the PM said while addressing the 28th National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) foundation programme virtually on Tuesday.

He said human rights are grossly violated when they are weighed on the scale of political profit and loss.

“This kind of selective behaviour is harmful for the democracy,” said Modi.

The PM further said in the last few years, various initiatives have been taken to remove the ‘injustice’ happening at different levels in different sections.

“For decades, Muslim women had been demanding a law against triple talaq. We have given rights to them by enacting a law against Triple Talaq,” he said.

“Many sectors have been opened for women to work and it is being ensured that they can work 24 hours in a secure environment. India is giving 26 weeks paid maternity leave to career women which other big countries of the world could not do.”

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who also attended the foundation programme at Vigyan Bhawan here, in his address said, “NHRC has tried to become the voice of victims in every sector.” He said the Commission has solved 20 lakh cases in its 28 years of existence.


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