Two Government Teachers among Nine Arrested for Act Endangering life, Personal safety of others and Attack on Police Party; Reasi Police

Reasi 21 Sep: Team of Chasana (Reasi) Police arrested nine criminals for act of endangering life  & personal safety of others, attack on Police party and creating law and order problem in Chassana area.
In a statement Police Said that, Case FIR no 35/2021 U/S 341, 353, 382, 147, 149, 336, 504, 506, 225, 224, 120-B IPC and section 3 of Prevention of Damage to Public property Act has been registered in police station Chassana on 31st of August 2021 when some notorious criminals of the area attacked police party when another notorious criminal Prem Singh wanted in rape case, & his accomplices of Thalkote-Chassana were arrested on 31st of August. Prem Singh is a notorious history Sheeter involved in ten cases FIR including four cases of attack on police including firing by weapon issued under Village Defense Committees, attempt to murder & rape.
Victim had lodged a written complaint against Prem Singh & others with allegations of rape. On this FIR 47/2020 was registered in Police Station Chasana & complainant was taken to judicial magistrate for recording the statement of the victim in this heinous crime of rarest of rare nature. The victim stated the involvement of Prem Singh in commission of the heinous crime, duly recorded & statement collected by the investigating officer of police station Chasana. The accused is a hard core criminal having experience of 25 years in the dirty games, in 1996 becoming Complainant in first fake FIR & then first time accused FIR 84/2002 police station Mahore for attacking police. The twenty five years record in of Police station reveals that not only the history sheeter is accused in ten FIRs but also complainant in two fake FIRs lodged by him in the year 1996 & 2002. Five times police has recorded his bad reports of raising communal tensions, enemity & creating wedge between the communities in the area by false propaganda as well violations in the election process. Twice on the report of police, Prem Singh has been ‘Bound Down’ by Executive Magistrate as preventive to stop him committing crime. As per sources & the dirty experience of the accused, mounting pressure upon the victim to change her statement cannot be ruled.
Teams of Reasi Police arrested nine accused persons wanted in the case-Pawan Singh S/O Jia lal R/O Thalkote, Riaz S/O Safdar Hussain Shah, Chanar Singh S/O Paras Ram, Chain Singh S/O Bikram Singh,  Balbir Singh S/O Chain Singh, Sukhdev S/O Anant  Ram all resident of Thalkote, Dalip Singh S/O Boti Ram R/O Bagan kote, Balbir Singh S/O Suraj Singh R/O Dhandakote, Rakesh Singh S/O Kashmir Singh R/O Thalkote tehsil Chassana district Reasi wanted in case FIR no 35/2021 U/S 341, 353, 382, 147, 149, 336, 504, 506, 224, 225, 120B IPC & 3 of Prevention of damage to Public Property Act-1984 Police Station Chasana.
Accused Riaz Shah a government teacher by profession was  earlier remained involved in case FIR no 6/2017 U/S 341, 323, 382 RPC of Police Station Chassana.
Case of Kidnapping and Rape was proved against accused Chanar Singh in case FIR no 40/ 2013 US 363, 376, 147, 212, 452 RPC & charge sheet produced in court of law against the accused.
Chain Singh a government teacher by profession was earlier involved in case FIR no 21/2020 U/S 341, 323, 336 IPC.
A case of theft was proved against Dalip Singh in case FIR no 51/2015 US 379, 201, 447, 34 RPC & charge sheet produced in the court of law against him. All have been bailed out on producing of interim bail order of Hon’ble High Court.
After the episode of Law and order in Chassana, Police is in search of all the miscreants involved in creating mischief and law and order problem in the area.
Senior Superintendent of Police Reasi Sh Shailender Singh Conveyed that no one should violate the principle of law & justice nor shall be allowed to disturb peace and tranquility in the area. He further appealed to  maintain peace and tranquility, brotherhood & keep social fabric of society intact.

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