Meet a new perception of Kashmir, Nasir Roshan khan talented and accomplished Author dwelling from the town of mountains.

Baramulla: One of the strongest weopon in the world is pen by which you can revolutionize the whole world. So in a society a writer ,an author is great person who can use his/her pen to change the world. As all of us know our valley Kashmir is blessed by many writers and authors and one of them is Nasir Roshan khan author columnist and student of 11th class from Nowshera Baramulla.

He is author of the book titled “Heal The Humanity” which depicts the topics of love , humanity peace and unity ,and co_author of various books such as Broken soul, Sheen, Peace and poetry. And he is compiler of a book titled And the sorrow we tote. He writes all the genres especially is concerned with poetry. He is also working in a podcast namely Aao Unhen Yaad Karen .
He considers pen a good gift by god .He has sought his inspiration from many writers mainly from Anne frank and Sir Muhammad Iqbal .Ali zarouyan is also his favourite poet. He writes mainly about love,humanity,peace and unity. He studies at the Govt High Secondary school Boniyar . He writes in three languages mainly Urdu , English and Hindi. He has started his writing journey recently in feb 2020. He always tries to write for the wellbeing of the humans and humanity.He also writes songs and naats. He has received various certificates of appreciation by various academies in J&K. He has faced various challenges because he is from rural area.

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