Mehbooba Criticizes Govt For Firing Employees

Srinagar, May 3 (GNS): People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti on Monday likened government order on the sacking of a teacher among “misplaced priorities” by the administration.

“In the middle of a pandemic GOI should focus on saving lives instead of firing govt employees on flimsy grounds in Kashmir,” Mehbooba said in a tweet. “No wonder its misplaced priorities have converted India into shamshanghats & kabristans.The living continue to suffer & the dead are deprived of dignity.”

The dismissal comes after the government on April 21 set up a Special Task Force to identify and scrutinize the cases of employees involved in any case related to posing a threat to the country’s security or anti-national activities.

Last week, the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference called the constitution of a task force to monitor J&K employees a toolkit to suppress employees, saying the measure will impede the work culture in government departments.

Terming the measure of monitoring the J&K employees with a taskforce a diktat destined to take away what was given by the constitution to people in the form of fundamental rights, Party Member of Parliament Muhammad Akbar lone called the measure a colonial hangover that gives sweeping powers to government with minimal safeguards to protect the interests of employees thus putting them at disadvantage of being labeled as antinational. “Such measures might be used against anybody who wounds the vanity of government or criticizes its policies. There is a stark distinction between being anti national and having an opinion, this diktat obliterates such distinction,” he said.

J&K Apni Party President and former minister Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari also termed the expulsion as an unfortunate and avoidable decision that has deprived a poor family of its livelihood in highly pressing times

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