Sacking of teacher by government autocratic not democratic, EJAC

Srinagar, May 2 (UNI) Expressing resentment over the termination of a teacher by government on charges of being allegedly involved in anti national activities, Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) said the decision was autocratic and not democratic.

Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory (UT) administration terminated services of three employees, including a teacher Idrees Ahmad for their involvement in activities that were allegedly prejudicial to the security of the state.

The EJAC taking strong note of the expulsion of teacher, has expressed its indignation pronouncing the decision partial and biased.

In a statement EJAC President Fayaz Shabnum has described this decision as unilateral. “It is a partial decision and biased too where an employee is dismissed from his service and not allowed to put his point across or clear his stand. He said among the pillars of democracy one of the strongest is judiciary in which the deprived lot entrust their faith and seek justice.

But, Shabnum said, barring a person whom you have leveled with such a serious charge, to speak for his defense is criminal. “As laid in the constitution of India, a convict can even reach out to the President of the Republic of India and appeal for justice. India being the largest democracy in the world confers this privilege to its citizens. But unfortunately the decision seems more of an autocratic set-up rather democratic”, the statement said.

Idrees has not only to fend for himself but the whole family, Shabnum said adding at this juncture and age where is he supposed to go and how shall he be able to win bread for himself and his family after having such stained career.

EJAC makes a fervent appeal to the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha to kindly reconsider the decision and at least allow Idrees speak in his defense before punishing him the brunt of which will be borne not only by him but by his entire family that is completely dependent on his job.

He said the decision has sent shivers across the employees fraternity and people have started feeling insecure. It has left tongues wagging and hearts thumping and people fear least the agencies may concoct stories and people may be executed unheard. This, if left unchecked, will become a precedence, he said adding people say it is a situation like having “Sword of Damocles” hanging over their heads.

Therefore, he said, it becomes all the more imperative for the current dispensation to come to the rescue of some innocent souls that have momentarily been targeted for no sin of theirs.


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