Petrol and Diesel prices fall for second consecutive day




New Delhi, Mar 25;  Petrol and diesel prices in the domestic market saw a fall in prices for the second consecutive day due to a fall in the prices of crude oil in the international market

In Delhi petrol prices fell by 21 paise per litre and diesel prices fell by 20 paise per litre.

According to India’s biggest oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation(IOC) on Thursday petrol is charged at Rs 90.78 per litre and diesel would be charged at Rs 81.10 per litre.

Last month saw a hike in petrol and diesel prices for 16 consecutive days due to which these fuels reached record highs in almost all the cities.

In the international market prices of crude oil has fallen by about 15% in 16 days.

Due to the prevailing third wave of COVID-19 infections, fuel demand is likely to fall in Europe.

Crude oil prices are now priced at USD 60 per barrel.

Petrol Diesel

Delhi 90.78 81.10

Mumbai 97.19 88.20

Chennai 92.77 86.10

Kolkata 90.98 83.98


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