More than Rs 17 cr contributed from J&K for Ram Temple, says RSS

Jammu, Mar 25:As a part of nationwide “Shri Ram Mandir Nidhi Samarpan Abhiyan”, more than Rs 17 crore has been contributed from the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir for the cause.
“Shri Ram Temple is not just a temple but an introduction to the culture of India,s character and as part of the campaign, volunteers reached 5,45,737 villages and towns and around 20 lakh workers were engaged in the Sampark Abhiyan,” Prant Sah Sanghachalak Dr Gautam Mengi here told reporters at a press conference.
The RSS leaders also released the resolution passed in the Akhil Bhartiya Pratinidhi Sabha held at Bangluru on March 19-20 wherein Dattatreya Hausbole was elected as new Sarkaryavah unanimously.
The resolution was based on construction of Ram Temple–Manifestation of the innate strength of Bharat and Bharat Stands as ‘one’ against COVID-19 pandemic.
He was flanked by Prant Karyawah Dr Vikrant, Prant Sah Karyawah, Avtar Krishan Trakroo, Prant Prachar Pramukh Jammu and Kashmir, Advocate Deepak.
Dr Mengi further said that as a part of this nationwide campaign, Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, contributed more than Rs 17 crore for Ram Temple.
He said, “in around 44 day long campaign, 21,331 RSS volunteers reached out to nearly 6,37,098 houses in 4693 villages and towns across the Union Territory and paved way for contribution towards Ram Temple,” said Dr Mengi.
He however, said that as part of the campaign, 12,47,21,000 families in the country were approached by volunteers.
Adding on to this, Dr Vikrant said that the campaign has experienced emotional unity throughout the country.
“In Jammu and Kashmir too, the volunteers of the Sangh got wide support in this campaign,” he added.
He also said that at the same time, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh volunteers in Jammu and Kashmir distributed 1,97,770 food packets, 4567 sanitizers, 1,36,562 masks, 58,716 ration kits, decoction to 3490 people and 510 medical PPE kits in the Corona pandemic period in 2902 villages and towns.
Apart from assisting, sanitation work was conducted at 4284 places, assistance to 24,794 provincial families, cash subsidy to 166 people, 23 programs in honor of sanitation workers and three blood donation camps were organized.
Shakha’s, said Dr Vikrant.
Of the 6495 blocks (tehsils) in the country, 85 per cent have Sangh’s work, out of 58,500 mandals, 40 per cent have a direct Shakha and 20 per cent have contacts, he said adding, “in the coming three years, the work of the Sangh reaches all the divisions, such an effort will remain.”
At the same time, the total number of Shakha’s in Jammu and Kashmir at this time is 352. Apart from this, weekly meetings are also being run at 160 places and monthly Shakha’s at 191 places, the RSS leaders addressed.

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