RS adjourned thrice amid ruckus on procedural lapse while tabling Insurance Bill, 2021

New Delhi, Mar 18 :  Proceedings of Rajya Sabha were adjourned thrice on Thursday after the Opposition accused the Government of not following the procedure while tabling the Insurance Amendment Bill in the House.

Soon after Union Minister Nitin Gadkari’s statement, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman moved “ The Insurance Amendment Bill, 2021′ for consideration and passing, at which the Opposition leaders accused the Government of procedural lapse.

Congress Member Shakti Sinh Gohil’s point of order disallowing the introduction of the bill was rejected by the Deputy Chairman who claimed that due process was not followed before bringing the bill to the House.

The Opposition Members stood up and started sloganeering while some of them trooped to the well. Deputy Chairman Harivansh asked all Members who were in the well to resume their seats, but to no avail.

Amid the ruckus, Mr Harivansh adjourned the House thrice–for ten minutes, then another 15 minutes and later for 15 more minutes.

Earlier, Leader of Opposition, Mallikarjun Kharge had said, “This is a bill that will have far reaching impact on the lives of the general public. This is the third amendment in the 1938 Bill. One of the amendments was done during Vajpayee government when 26 per cent of FDI was allowed. “Now that limit has been increased to 74 per cent, Mr Kharge requested the government to send the Bill to a standing committee so that all possible errors can be removed from the bill.

BJP lawmaker Bhupendra Yadav said that this Bill has already gone to Standing Committee, Select Committee. There has been due consultation and Parliamentary scrutiny. If they are protesting now then it is only to stop the progress of the nation, he added.


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