China’s next aircraft carrier ‘likely nuclear powered’

Beijing, Mar 13: Sources close to the Chinese military revealed on Saturday that China is building its fourth aircraft carrier as it seeks to deepen naval power foothold in the Asia-Pacific region, and the vessel is “likely to be nuclear powered”.

The South China Morning Post quoted a person close to the Chinese navy as saying that shipbuilders “are keen on making a significant breakthrough” with the construction of the fourth carrier, which they said will be a technological leap for the shipbuilding industry”.

Another unnamed source also told the publication that Chinese officials are studying a proposal “to use nuclear power for the fourth carrier”.

The person did not say if a final decision was made, but told the Post it would be “a very bold decision that is full of challenges.”

China resumed the construction of the fourth ship earlier this year after a two year delay.

Currently, there are two Chinese aircraft carriers already operating and a third one that is expected to be launched this year, however, none of them have nuclear capability.


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