No Need to Panic, No Threat of Floods in Kashmir: Irrigation & Flood Control Department

Srinagar , Mar 12: The department of Irrigation & Flood Control on Friday said that there is no threat of floods in the Kashmir valley. The announcement came after the Incessant Rains created panic among the people.

Although the continuous rains of the last 36 hours have caused concern in the public circles, the Department of Irrigation and Flood Control on Friday clarified that there is no danger of floods in the Kashmir Valley at present.

Water level in the river Jhelum was much below the danger mark despite overnight rainfall.  The level in the  RIVER JHELUM was recorded as Sangam (18’/21′)=5.29ft, Pampore (3.85/4.45)=(-)0.10m, MunshiBagh (16’/18′)=5.68ft, Asham (14’/14′)=3.52ft and theb level of its tributaries was recorded Vishow Nallah at Khudwani (7.0)=4.44m, Rambiyara Nallah at Wachi (5.7)=0.49m, Lidder Nallah at Batkoot (1.65)=0.33m, Doodhganga Nallah at Barzulla (3.8)=1.82m

And Sindh Nallah at Doderhama (3.35) =0.52m

Senior official of the Irrigation department while talking to CNS said that the rainfall overnight had resulted in the rise in water level in Jhelum but there was no immediate threat of floods. He, however, said moderate rainfall was forecast till Monday at many places in the Valley but it should not lead to a flood like situation.

According to department sources, North Kashmir has recorded the highest rainfall and the water level in water bodies is well below the danger mark.

Meanwhile, rains are continuing in the plains across the valley while reports of snowfall have been received from the upper reaches (CNS)

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