ECI against misleading propaganda against EVM

Ambassa(Tripura), Mar 30 : Electronic Voting Machine(EVM) has always been a matter of discord among political parties and amidst this misleading propaganda are continuing during the 17th Lok Sabha election against which ECI is up always.
Now, the country is busy with the proceedings of 17th Lok Sabha and election machineries are at their most hectic schedules. Amidst this atmosphere, a faction is trying to air misleading propaganda against EVM. A popular misleading fact has turned out that, an EVM cannot place 100 or more candidates and the opponent of EVM is trying to woo people to set as more as possible number of candidates.
In the Twitter handle ECI spokesperson Sheyphali Sharan has denounced such claims and has asserted that modern EVMs can place as many as 384 candidates including NOTA.
In fact, many has been treating the fight for EVM as the ECI’s effort to make the election process of the world’s largest democracy technically sound and flawless.


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