Pranab hails Mission Shakti, PM thanks celebrities: Shah flays Rahul

New Delhi, Mar 28  :  Former President Pranab Mukherjee and several celebrities including the the likes of Lata Mangeshkar have complimented Indian scientists and the government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the successful space mission ‘Operation Shakti’.
“Congratulations to DRDO for successful testing of the Anti-Satellite (A-Sat) Missile. DRDO India’s brilliant run continues. The success of Mission Shakti is a proud moment for all Indians, an achievement that further strengthens our strategic capabilities. Jai Hind,” tweeted former President Mukherjee on Wednesday.
Responding to him and others, Prime Minister also took to micro blogging site and said the words from the galaxy of celebrities and known personalities were highly encouraging.
“Indeed Pranab Da. These rich words from a distinguished statesman like you, who has also dealt with issues of national security, will greatly encourage our scientists and engineers. They have always worked to strengthen India and will continue to do so. Mission Shakti,” Prime Minister wrote on Mr Mukherjee’s missive.
Mr Modi also thanked legendary playback singer Lata Mangeshkar and said her words would encourage scientists and also boost them to achieve new milestones.
Among others cricketer Shikhar Dhawan and actor Akshay Kumar also complimented the scientists and the Prime Minister for achieving the feat.

“Great achievement for our country as we become the fourth nation in the world to acquire the capability of the Anti-Satellite Missile System. Congratulations to ISRO and Narendra Modi for Mission Shakti Proud moment,” tweeted Shikhar Dhawan.
However, BJP chief Amit Shah in a series of tweets objected to the manner opposition parties including the Congress reacted and sarcastically said, “well done”.
“After spending a lifetime of humiliating our soldiers, Leaders of the Opposition have expanded their influence to ridiculing our scientists. Well done,” Mr Shah tweeted mocking at the opposition leaders.
He said – “The truth is, our proficient scientists always had the talent and capability, all that was needed was the go ahead from the government”.
“UPA did not have the courage to back its institutions and people, NDA under PM Modi has shown the conviction to do so. The Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile was successfully tested in space but it seems a few people on Earth have also got hurt,” Mr Shah wrote.
Taking strong exceptions to Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s remarks describing the occasion of PM’s speech on the occasion as the ‘World Theatre Day’; the BJP chief wrote: “Thus speaks the inheritor of the dynasty that thinks – All the nation’s a stage!
For them. Sacrifices of soldiers – drama. Success of scientists – drama. Masquerading as leaders, all that ‘The Dynasty’ has done is to plunder, weaken and ruin the nation”.


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