Afghan Army kills 18 Taliban militants: Defence Ministry

Kabul, Feb 23:  Eighteen Taliban militants were killed by the Afghan National Army (ANA) during the anti-terrorist operations conducted on Monday night, the spokesman of the Afghan Defense Ministry Fawad Aman said on Tuesday.
“The operations were carried out in three districts of Kandahar, in which 10 Taliban were killed, and in Nahr-e-Siraj district of Helmand eight Taliban were killed,” news agency Sputnik quoted Mr Aman as saying.
According to the spokesperson, no one from Afghan forces was killed or wounded during the operations.
The Taliban have not released details of the latest clashes, and also rejected the claims of the Defence ministry.
The Kabul-Taliban peace talks kicked off in Doha in September, but have so far failed to put an end to the confrontation on the ground.
On the contrary, Afghanistan has witnessed a spate of bomb attacks and clashes, with the military continuing to regularly report on its special operations against Taliban operatives, who are now said to control three-fourths of Afghan land.

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