3 poultry farms in Nandurbar affected by bird flu

Nandurbar/ With 3 poultry farms in Navapur taluka of the district testing positive for avian influenza or bird flu, collector and chairman of District Disaster Management Authority Dr Rajendra Bharud has declared an area, within a radius of two-and-a-half kilometres from the infection centre, as an affected area in the district.

After the sample reports came positive for poultry at three farms namely Mustaba Poultry Farm, Safa Poultry Farm and Don B Poultry Farm in Navapur. the Rapid Action Force has been directed to prepare a report by surveying all the poultry farms in the area.

Also, instructions have been given to scientifically cull all the poultry birds in affected areas and dispose of affected eggs and poultry from the farms located within a radius of 2.5 km from the centre of the affected poultry farm.

It was also instructed to give compensation to the farmers and poultry traders immediately after confirming the report for compensation.

Transport of live or dead birds, eggs, poultry manure, animal feed and ancillary materials and equipment in the surveillance area has been prohibited.

The order also states that the dead birds or chickens should not be left in the open and be disposed of in a scientific manner by local self-governing bodies.

Meanwhile, Navapur tehsildar said that millions of hens and eggs from 24 poultry farms in Navapur city were destroyed last week.


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