This is the ‘era of India’s re-emergence as a World Leader’: Darakhshan

Govt of India was committed to usher a new era of peace, progress and development in J&K

Srinagar,09 June: Bharatiya Janata Party Spokesperson Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today Press Conference at Jammu in connection with completion of one year of Narendra Modi led government 2.0. Dr Darakhshan Andrabi was accompanied by BJP Jammu District President Vinay Gupta, District General Secretaries Ankush Gupta and Kuldeep Kandhari. BJP Spokesperson deliberated on diverse issues of national as well as of local importance on the occasion. Terming the last six years of Modi government in India as ‘the era of India’s re-emergence as a world leader’, Dr Andrabi said that during this brief period India has succeeded in resolving very significant but complicated issue within the country and also succeeded in emerging as the key-player in international decision making having global impact. Dr Andrabi said that India’s ideas of meeting the world’s future energy needs by harnessing the solar power, introduction and propagation of Yoga at international level for the physical and mental health and peace and the vision of environment-friendly economic growth has earned global praise and acknowledgement to our country. At global level, our diplomatic relations speak of our cultural traditions and our spirit of friendship for all has earned us acceptance beyond the borders of regions, religions, political lobbies & economic interests. During the present Pandemic our quick, humane response to the request of the world to provide viral treatment medicine has added enormously to our credibility as a responsible nation. India became 5th largest economy in the world during this period. Moving out of Regional Comprehensive Trade Partnership (RCEP) was a very tough decision but it was taken by Narendra Modi government for the country’s benefit. India has been entrusted the job of the Chair of the Executive Board of World Health Organization.
“Within the country, this period has been ‘revolutionary’ & ‘historical’. Many controversial and complicated issues were solved. These issues were kept lingering for decades by previous governments for their political exploitation. It needed guts to address to the issues. Modi government took decisions for country’s good and never cared for vote-bank. These decisions have increased the trust of the people of India in Narendra Modi’s leadership,” said Dr Andrabi referring to GST, triple-talak, J&K Re-Organization Act, befitting surgical & air-strikes in reply to the terror attacks, the much needed defense deals including the Rafale and Apache deals, one-rank one-pension for armed forces or the creation of Chief of Defense Staff. “This government has not only re-devised the social welfare system in India, but has also ensured that benefits of the Social Welfare Schemes for the poor and the needy are guaranteed without any scope of corruption, mismanagement and bribery,” said BJP Spokesperson. She added that in absence of the honest and positive opposition, this government was fighting the anti-social & anti-national forces alone. “For the first time in the history of India, we see an opposition pleading for the ailments within the country, and opposing the cures which this government is suggesting and presenting,” added Dr Andrabi. The few of the revolutionary schemes of the Modi government are Pension for old farmers, labourers, MANREGA amendment for enhancement of work-days and wages, Ayushman Bharat, Vendor Scheme, boost for MSME, Ujjwala Yojna, Tribal Residential Scheme and many more. The recently announced Gareeb Kalyan Yojna by the Finance Minister Ms Nirmala Sitaraman ji has been praised across the world. This scheme announced by the Honourable Prime Minister will uplift India out of this Corona crisis.
“During the past seven decades, we, within J&K were fed with slogans of exploitations only in the name of the politics of public aspirations; we were deprived of the real development and opportunities for our economic growth and progress. Those who raised the slogans for the special status were instrumental in hollowing the structure. It was only a political tool for power for all of them with no benefit to the public. We are now in the re-organized J&K and let us give this new arrangement some time to yield results for the benefit of the welfare and development of the people,” said Dr Andrabi. She said that the task in J&K is huge and every flaw is being removed step-by-step. The Lieutenant Governor Shri Murmu’s administration is addressing to each and every problem in a structured manner. “We are hopeful that with the help of the Central government, LG administration in J&K is changing the system of governance here and making everybody feel that government means the welfare of the people, not the political exploitation of them,” said BJP leader. She said that we were going fast on the track of positive change in J&K but things cannot be changed overnight. “Substituting the political chain of looting the public treasuries & amassing wealth while in power, we are creating a chain of systematic fool-proof & transparent public reach-out chain within J&K, so that the people are benefited without corruption and exploitation,” added Andrabi. She said that the systems of administration in J&K have been hurt badly by the three-decade era of violence and our mainstream politics has added to the miseries of the people here. “We need to probe the inappropriate properties and treasures amassed by politicians, bureaucrats and other influential lot during the past many decades so that the public money is seized and appropriate action is taken against the people involved in the loot. The process has been started and soon the action will surface,” said Dr Darakhshan. She said that the business sector of J&K has suffered a lot by the continuous uncertain situations in J&K. The Central government is in the process of a one-time bail-out scheme for the Commerce, industry, transport and tourism sectors of the UT.
BJP Spokesperson said that Government of India was committed to usher a new era of peace, progress and development in J&K. “Modi government established IIT & IIM in J&K in addition to two AIIMS in Kashmir and Jammu, Circular Roads in Jammu & Kashmir, Shama Prasad Mukhrjee Tunnel, Patni Top Gondola, Atal Setu, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Medical Colleges at district levels in addition to many more significant projects in J&K. Two metro-rail projects for Srinagar & Jammu are in pipeline,” said Dr Andrabi. She said that the central government has allocated a separate budget for the development of J&K which will change the ground situation at the grass root level in the UT. “The government has planned to create and fulfill without delay fifty thousand jobs for the educated unemployed youth; a mega 706 crore tourism revival package is also being devised in addition to 50 crores for Dal lake revival separately. To put the stimulus to the rural development the J&K administration has earmarked 5285 crores for RD schemes. Emphasizing on the development of the Health sector in J&K, the government has enhanced its allocation to 1268 crores and 20 new digital dispensaries are being established within this year only. Agriculture & Horticulture is being revolutionized,” said Dr Andrabi.
“We are passing through a very tough time globally. But our leadership in India under the Prime Minister has given us the hope of life by timely addressing the problem. The lockdown, the guidelines, the timely economic and medical intervention has not only saved us from catastrophic situations but has also given us a vision to deal with the Pandemic. Globally also we have emerged as torch-bearers. I also appreciate the efforts of the LG administration in dealing with the situations so nicely and saving lives,” said Darakhshan. She appealed to the public to cooperate with the government in dealing with this invisible threat to humanity.

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