Drought conditions continue in Marathwada

Aurangabad, Maharashtra, : ¬†Drought conditions in eight districts of Maharashtra’s Marathwada continued as the region received average 126 mm rainfall only.
The rainfall received in Marathwada region is 49 per cent of expected rainfall and only 16 per cent of annual rainfall.
According to Divisional commissioner officials sources, due to sparse rain, 2200 water tankers are still supplying drinking water to the affected villages in all eight districts of region.
With the prolonged dry spell extending for over last ten days the standing Kharif crops are on the verge of wilting which has become a reason for ryots worry.
According to the agriculture departments, 48 per cent sowing has been compelted so far but now fearing verged to ruin due to prolong absence of rain.
Due to the deficit rainfall in the region, numbers of irrigation projects and dams running dry and panic situation likely to emerge if similar situation continue to run.
District wise rainfall from June 1 to July 18, Aurangabad received 145 mm, Jalna district 135 mm, Hingoli 132 mm, Osmanabad 128 mm, Latur 126 mm, Parbhani 118 mm and Beed 96 mm.
The State government has initiated process for artificial rainfall across the region.
Scores of farmers have been committing suicide due to infertile land and mounting debt.


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