I respect the Judiciary no reason for not following court orders: Speaker Ramesh Kumar

Bengaluru, :  Karnataka Legislative Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar today said that he has full respect to the judiciary and there is no reason for not following a Court order.
His comments comes in the wake of the Congress-JDS Coalition government in the State facing a major crisis with 14 legislators tendering their resignation to their MLA seats and Supreme Court asking the Speaker to hear the ‘rebel’ MLAs and decide on their resignation. The apex court had asked the Speaker to hear the disgruntled MLAs by 6 PM yesterday and decide on the matter.
However, the Speaker has appealed to the Apex Court seeking more time to ‘understand’ whether the resignations were genuine and voluntary as per Constitution.
Speaking to reporters here on Friday, the Speaker said if Court order, in respect of the resignation letters submitted by some legislators, was to be followed and ‘’if there was any misunderstanding, we can ask the court to clarify and guide us as Supreme Court is supreme. There is no need to create any controversy nor clash of interest as Judiciary is supreme and the Legislature should go along with it,’’ he added.
He said if there was any confusion of use of words it can be sorted out. It should not be blown out of proportions.
The Speaker had said yesterday that in the current political situation, ‘’I have to inquire whether they (resignations) are voluntary and I have to abide by Article 190 of the Constitution and follow procedure.’’
He said he was not connected with political instability in Karnataka but will go by the rule book as for as accepting or rejecting the resignation letters of the dissident legislators.


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