Italian PM: Italy-Russia friendship has high potential

Rome, : Friendship between Italy and Russia has high potential, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said, noting that his recent talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin had helped strengthen bilateral relations.
“Friendship, dialogue, strengthening of bilateral cooperation and cultural exchange — there are the keywords that best describe the atmosphere of today’s meeting with President Putin.
The friendship between Italy and Russia has huge potential that we are developing, investing our efforts on a daily basis to ensure security, well-being and equality,” Conte wrote on Facebook late on Thursday.
The Italian PM noted that he had profound discussions on a wide range of international issues with Putin.
“We have agreed that there is a need for an open and comprehensive approach to dialogue which should provoke the settlement of the most important regional crises — from Libya to Syria to Ukraine to Venezuela. I am convinced that Moscow may play a leading role in the settlement of these crises,” Conte added.
Italy and Russia enjoyed “deep perception of culture and strong love for multiple forms of artistic expression in the legacy of the humankind,” Conte noted.
The Italian prime minister emphasised that Moscow and Rome enjoyed “wonderful” cooperation in culture and science.
According to Sputnik, the head of the Italian cabinet maintained that he appreciated Putin’s words about Italy and its government, which he compared to gestures of appreciation that he noted during his visit to Moscow last October.
Putin visited Italy on Thursday for talks with Conte and President Sergio Mattarella. The Russian president also visited the Vatican for meeting with Pope Francis.


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