Plane accident leaves 2 pilots dead, 7 people injured in Russia

Moscow,: Passenger plane An-24 of the Russian Angara Airlines carried out an emergency landing in an airport in the city of Nizhneangarsk, located in the Republic of Buryatia, during which two pilots were killed and seven people were injured, Alexey Fishev, the press secretary of the regional head, said on Thursday.
“The head of Buryatia is monitoring the situation involving the aviation accident in the Nizhneangarsk airport. A passenger plane conducted an emergency landing there. As a result of it, two pilots died. The passengers are alive. Forty-two adults and one minor child have been rescued. Seven people have been wounded,” Sputnik International quotes Fishev as saying.
The press secretary said the aircraft took off from the Nizhneangarsk to Ulan-Ude in the early hours of Thursday, soon after which one of its engines failed. The crew decided to return to the airport.
According to the preliminary information, during the landing, the plane went 100 meters beyond the runway and collided with a purification facility. The plane took fire, Fishev pointed out, adding that firefighters were working on the site.


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