It is not really clear who runs affairs in Pakistan, says PM Modi

New Delhi, Apr 5 : ┬áPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday declined to comment on whether who would between Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan’s incumbent Prime Minister Imran Khan be better and easier for India to handle but said, it is rather difficult to understand who actually runs the affairs in that country – an elected government or otherwise.
“Let this be decided by the people of Pakistan. My work is to focus on the interests of India. I have no responsibility to run the affairs in Pakistan,” Mr Modi said in an interview with ABP News to a questions on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and one of his predecessors Nawaz Sharif.
“What he (Imran Khan) does or does not do, let us leave all that with the people of Pakistan,” Prime Minister said when asked whether cricketer-turned-politician Khan was being more ‘chalak’ (smarter) than Nawaz Sharif.
However, Mr Modi maintained, “I have spoken to number of leaders in the rest of the world and what they have said and what I also realise, it is very difficult for the world to understand who runs Pakistan. Whether Pakistan is run by an elected government or the Army or the ISI or some people who have fled Pakistan and settled in west”.
Answering questions on what should Pakistan do to ensure that the relationship with India can improve, Prime Minister said, “It is very easy, it is very simple; Pakistan should first stop exporting terrorism”.
On the relationship with China, Mr Modi said it is a matter of fact that there are “differences” between Beijing and New Delhi on certain issues but “we have also decided that that we will not allow differences turn into disputes”.
On the evidence sought by Indian opposition parties for the aerial strike carried out by Indian Air Force on February 26, 2019 Prime Minister said, “The biggest evidence came from Pakistan itself. We had not claimed anything. We did our work and kept silent. But it was Pakistan first who came out and said this had happened, they were attacked”.
“Let those people who are continuing with the debate on how many (terrorists) died or did not die, carry on what they are doing,” Mr Modi said adding, “Had we attacked civilians there, Pakistan would have screamed and try to defame India. But it was our strategy, not to cause any harm to civilians. Air Force did its job”.
But, Prime Minister said, Pakistan is finding it difficult to admit this aerial strike as this will be also to admit that in such a place ‘terror related’ activities were on.
“….But why in India some people are talking in the language that can make Pakistan happy. That is actually a matter of concern,” he said.
Answering questions on Congress president Rahul Gandhi contesting from two parliamentary constituencies, Prime Minister said “It is his party’s decision….but what is important to note is the manner he had to go (to Wayanad) despite contesting from Amethi”.
“We did not start this debate, it all started in the media itself. Everyone is saying may be Amethi will be tough for him. So he has gone there,” he remarked.
Prime Minister further said with regard Mr Gandhi’s decision, no one is questioning the right to contest from two seats.
“Amethi se unko bhagna kyon para, uski charcha hae (Why he had to run away from Amethi is actually the debate),” Mr Modi said adding, “this debate from a political perspective is within the right of the BJP to raise”.


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