Tweeples blame media for war hysteria 

Srinagar, Feb 27, : As the media continued to resort to war hysteria, infusing passions among pseudo-nationalists, a couple of same voices echoed on Twitter reacting over the capture of Indian pilot by Pakistan.

Pakistan released a video showing a Wing Commander of India Air Force Mr Abhinandan encircled by men in uniform on Wednesday.

While reacting to the capture of this pilot National Conference spokesperson Aga Roohullah said: “I seriously demand that all jingoistic IT cell army of this “Nationalistic” party along with their ‘Pradhan’ go across to Pakistan and bring back this brave boy and IAF pilot back home safe and sound. And the warmongering TV hosts should lead the operation.”

Asaduddin Owaisi‏ senior political leader from mainland India took to twitter and wrote: “Our prayers are with the brave IAF pilot & his family in this very difficult time Under Article 3 of Geneva Conventions every party is required to treat prisoners humanely. Pakistan must respect its obligations towards the IAF pilot, regardless of ongoing circumstances.”

“Which one of the war-mongering journalists want to take the place of the captured pilot? You know who you are,” an Independent Journalist Pratik Sinha questioned.

F.Jeffery while accusing India of resorting to aggression said: “The images of its quivering pilot in Pakistani custody is not something Indian government imagined when it ordered the Balakot incursion. This is a major propaganda defeat for India, which couldn’t give any evidence for its previous claims but now has to sit through this.”

Another netizen Salil Thripathi in response to alleged war mongering journalist Barkha Dutt tweeted: “Journalists too should not wrap themselves in national flags and think they’re part of the army – (this applies to all sides in any conflict. Their role is to get facts, confirm, then report. Leave the opinionbazi to opedwallahs. Anchors + correspondents shouldn’t be cheerleaders.”

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