Amit Shah must apologise within 72 hours, else we’ll take legal action: TMC

New Delhi, Aug 11: Trinamool Congress (TMC) on Saturday demanded an apology from BJP National President Amit Shah within 72 hours or the party will take legal action against him, hours after Shah launched a scathing attack on the Mamata Banerjee-government.

“Amit Shah has insulted, disrespected Bengal today. He does not understand Bengal and its people. He has no knowledge of its tradition and culture. We are a healthy culture here and he has insulted our culture too. All that he said was blatant lies. He must apologise within 72 hours. We are giving him till Sunday, else we will take legal action against him,” said Derek O’Brien, TMC Spokesperson.

“What are you talking about cheating? Look at your own affidavit. You are a dacoit, you are a ‘dangabaaj’. We will not allow you to say all this on Bengal’s soil. Your Gujarat type of politics of robbery and dacoity will not be successful here. The communal politics will not work here in Bengal.  Don’t you dare engage in mud-slinging against Mamata Banerjee,” he added.

Shah had said, “Mamata Banerjee had put up protests across Delhi a few days ago against NRC. What is she scared of? Let me tell you what NRC is. It is a process to identify infiltrators and Bangladeshi nationals staying in Assam illegally. Given a chance, we will bring NRC in West Bengal too. How did her stand change? In 2005 she raised her voice against Bangladeshis by throwing papers at the speaker in Parliament and now in 2018 she is supporting them? Bangladeshis are her vote bank.”

Responding to Shah’s comments on NRC, Derek said, “NRC in Bengal is not an issue. Our stand on the NRC is clear. We have to save Indian citizens. It is an issue of Punjab, Bihar, Gorkhas and tribals and effects each one of them.” (Zeenews)

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