Jammu youth express freely on social media, Pitching for retention of Article 35A

Jammu, Aug 9: Contrary to the expectations of Bhartiya Janata Party and its likeminded parties including National Panthers Party, Panun Kashmir, ABVP, majority of the people from Jammu Division mostly youth have started taking to social media networking sites in defense of Article 35A-that bars outside state subjects to buy property or secure jobs in Jammu and Kashmir.

When one keenly observes the views and opinions expressed by people of Jammu vis-à-vis Article 35A, one finds, majority from Jammu region mostly Dogras want retention of Article 35A. “Only elements with vested interests in Jammu are subscribing to the views of BJP which wants abrogation of Article 35A. We have to understand that this Article is for our protection. Do you want to turn Jammu a crime zone by allowing outsiders to settle here. Do you want people of the state jobless” writes Shambunath on facebook.

The video of a Dogra youth delivering a lecture on the benefits of Article 35A is also viral and is being extensively shared by netizens on social media. “Being a Dogra, I am an Indian but at the same time I won’t support abrogation of Article 35A. This provision was created by our Maharaja for us and people of Jammu should understand that it’s abrogation will hit Jammu badly. We will suffer on business and education front. Even, our Jammu will turn into crime zone and once outsiders will set up Industries, they will pollute our city,” the Dogra youth can be heard telling to their mates in the viral video.

“Article 35A is anti-woman, abrogate it,” the photograph of one Pallavi Sharma alleged Research Scholar at Department of History, University of Jammu carrying a placard with the above mentioned line went viral on Instagram and she as well as the news page that had posted the stuff faced a lot of heat from the people of Jammu, mostly Hindus who advised the said Research Scholar to re-read the History and stop propagating stuff that will prove disastrous for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, especially Jammu.

In response to this post, the youth of Jammu openly came in defense of this Article. “How this Article is anti-woman. Do you guys want Jammu and Kashmir to turn into Delhi, Mumbai and UP,” writes Jay Rajput.

A netizen Vishav Sambyal while expressing his opinion said that with the abrogation of this Article, people of the State will become jobless. “There is already unemployment and its abrogation will render our children jobless. Those who support its abrogation are only doing politics,” he said.

Another netizen from Udhampur Paramjit Manhas advised people of Jammu and Kashmir to read the contents of Article 35A keenly and then see how fruitful it is for the people of State. He asked youth that this article secures their future and they should support its retention.

Mehul Chib, another youth asked people to do some homework before holding any view. “Similar rights have been given to the people of Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh which restrict outsiders to settle there. If it is constitutional there, how it becomes unconstitutional in Jammu and Kashmir.”

“Don’t you guys know the benefits of Article 35A? It is this Article that prevents criminals to settle in Jammu. Go to UP, Delhi and other parts of India and see how women are being raped. Don’t play with your future and the future of your children. Come in defense of Article 35A. It’s an asset for us,” wrote Ravinder Kumar.

In response to a photograph wherein a couple of ABVP students from Jammu University could be seen holding placards demanding annulment of Article 35A, some of the Dogra youth described the move purely anti-Jammu and asked them to stop playing politics. “Article 35A is the dignity of Jammu. We will lose our identity. Stop being a tool in the hands of some political parties and don’t support the abrogation move,” writes Vikram Arora.

When this reporter talked to a couple of friends from Jammu to know their mood, they vehemently came in the defense of Article 35A. “It’s BJP influence that has been stopping people to hit to roads in defense of this article, however, majority of the people want retention of this article,” said one of the friends.

Another said it is all politics while activist of a party don’t want to oppose the agenda his party, other, they all know, the annulment of Article 35A will prove disastrous for them.

Ishwar Kumar concluded the conversation by claiming that if this Article is abrogated, very soon Jammu people will launch an agitation demanding its retention. (CNS)

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